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Joe and Pat Virbickis
January 18, 2016

Plum Creek Builders played a major role in our recovery from the November 2013 tornado. From the first contact for planning and design to the completion of our home, Plum Creek Builders coordinated the rebuilding with amazing precision and efficiency. Our use of the Builder Trend Project Management software combined with prompt, frequent communication from Terry Ruhland kept the rebuild moving. We now have a fine, well-constructed 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home that is both comfortable and functional. As would be expected, the building of such a large home presented a few unique glitches and surprising needs for adjustments. Terry Ruhland worked patiently with us and Plum Creek Builders' subcontractors to resolve these situations to our satisfaction. For all these reasons, we have no hesitation about recommending Plum Creek Builders to anyone for the building of a new home.

Tom and Karen Whalen – Timberwalk Subdivision
December 18, 2015

Our experience with Plum Creek Builders was in one word: Professional! Terry Ruhland was a very good listener, attentive and great to work with. He listened carefully to our comments and was sincere in his interest to construct a home that we would be pleased with. Throughout the construction we found his work crews to be pleasant, friendly and hard working. There was an obvious sense of pride in their daily commitment to the project. This was our second home we have built and we would seek out Plum Creek again -- if the need arises.

Tom and Marcia O’Neal – Huntington Subdivision
December 18, 2015

When we built our home, we built something else -- a new friendship with Terry Ruhland and the crew at Plum Creek. The pleasure of living in our home reminds us daily of the skilled, prompt, courteous, thoughtful and artful execution of our dreams. Thanks for everything Plum Creek.

Coleen and Jim Martin – Chillicothe
December 18, 2015

When we told co-workers that we were going to have a new home built, they said, "If you are still married when it is done, you have a good relationship." Our experience with Plum Creek Builders was exactly the opposite. The bid we received was very detailed and accurate. They recommended the highest quality components for our new home and gave very helpful advice on where to go to select them. Plum Creek's employees and subcontractors were both professional and friendly during our home's construction. After 9 years we are still satisfied customers and recommend Plum Creek to our friends.

Rhya Miller
January 18, 2016

I highly recommend Plum Creek Builders for any of your building or renovation needs. Terry Ruhland is a very talented man with a clear vision for planning to suit both function and beauty. He is honest and professional. The craftsmen who worked in our home were courteous, hard working, and did an impeccable job. We had an excellent experience all around!

Patty Ciolek
December 30, 2015

I have to start by saying my husband and I met with Terry about two years ago to discuss building a new home in Sycamore Trail sub-division. My husband got sick shortly after and passed away. I waited one year and decided to meet with Terry again, a little hesitant because I know nothing about building a house and the whole idea was very intimidating to me. Terry was very attentive to what I wanted, and stressed for me not to worry, he would take care of this house and I should just take care of the home I have in Nauvoo. I was very impressed with Terry, and his staff, they were always ready to help. Not only is he a warm, caring person, he is a great contractor. The work his crew did was beyond my expectations and I don't regret anything that was done on the house. Everyone always says that when you build a home there is something you wish you would have done different... not me, it was done perfect. I highly recommend Plum Creek Builders. My husband always said I was hard to please, so I guess this is saying a lot. This whole building process couldn't have gone smoother. I want to thank Terry, his crew, and office staff for building me the dream home my late husband and I wanted. So glad I chose Plum Creek Builders!

Jack and Bonnie Russell – Glory Hill Bed & Breakfast
December 18, 2015

Over the span of the past 8 years, Plum Creek Builders has done several additions and remodeling work on our historical home. We can always count on them for quality workmanship and to be true to the integrity of our home's history.

Dan and Mary Cooley – Georgetown Subdivision
December 18, 2015

We recently built a custom home with Plum Creek Builders on a difficult, sloping lot. With their knowledge and input, the final structure proved to be remarkably solid and blended well with its surroundings. They were honest and willing to listen. We built the home we wanted and not a house that was "the easiest". The Plum Creek construction crew was attentive, courteous, and clean. The subcontractors were well chosen and knowledgeable.

Ben and Joanna Marquis
January 18, 2016

When our family was looking to build a home for the first time, we were fortunate enough to meet Terry with Plum Creek fairly early on in the process. From the beginning, we felt we were on the same page with Terry as to what we wanted to accomplish in building. Communication was always clear and prompt whenever dealing with Plum Creek. We had heard our share of cautionary tales regarding building a home, but the entire experience went so smoothly and we are so happy with the finished product. The entire team at Plum Creek did great work; everyone was accommodating and worked hard to give us an amazing home, and the project progressed on schedule. We've already recommended Plum Creek to friends that are considering building - with the right contractor it really can be a smooth and enjoyable process - and if we were ever to build again, it would only be with Plum Creek Builders.

Tomaz Fleury – Washington
December 30, 2015

After the November 2013 tornado that blew our house away and after picking up our breath, we thought: "Geez, this will be a lot of work to rebuild." Well, it turned out to be a quick (7 months) process to select the contractor, redesign the house, choose materials and watch it grow into a beautiful, comfortable, "that's what we were looking for" new home. And a great deal of it is credited to the patient council of Terry, and the attention to details he and his team put into the construction process.

Terry was in the process of implementing his new web based project management process that turned out to be a simple, effective and accurate tool Ana and I use to keep abreast of all that was going on, from material selection, to charges and credits to the project all the way to the conclusion.

Hoping I never have to use his service due to a tornado, I'd use his construction services again in a blink of an eye.